Your own AI butler
to manage your
wine & spirits collection

Whether your collection is your pride or your biggest investment, our easy-to-use, tailor-made application helps you get the most out of it.

Do you represent a sports venue or a hospitality establishment?

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Witness the difference Alfred can make in the way you manage your exceptional wine & spirits collection.

All your collection on a silver platter.

Alfred brings you any up-to-date information you might need about every item in your collection, whether it's aging recommendations or market value data.

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Access your own AI Sommelier.

Don't miss the perfect glass. Thanks to our artificial intelligence solution, you can be informed of the optimal tasting range for any bottle and ensure to always enjoy the best product... at the right time!

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Our expertise

Services that go beyond the screen

With Alfred, you are supported by a team of experts who can also manage the physical aspects of your collection: relocation, cellar design, purchase recommendations, and more.

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Our story

We've been here for a while (in AI years)

Since 2018, our expertise has helped a wide range of customers harness the power of artificial intelligence to manage their private wine & spirits collections.

Any questions?

As a high-end solution for collectors, we are committed to offering all our customers a fully personalized service, where you speak directly to a human being who will answer all your questions and ensure your satisfaction.

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