Alfred can manage the Largest Venues in the World

A world-class beverage management system, designed to anticipate and meet your customers' current and future needs.

An AI-driven butler at your side

Simplify your daily tasks for your whole team and optimize their time

The power of AI is at your service

A simple beverage management solution tailor-made to your operational needs, from stock management to purchase planning.

Alfred can also manage your private wine & spirits collection.

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Alfred not only makes it easier... It makes it better!

sales generated
Increase your sales and profit margins with Alfred's market tracking functions.
of time spent on tedious tasks
Let Alfred take care of most of your day-to-day tasks, and devote more time to your customers' experience.
in beverage cost
Reduce your beverage cost significantly with Alfred by gaining valuable insights on your operations.

Pain points that are addressed by Alfred

By partnering with Alfred, you benefit from incredible solutions for optimising operational logistics, eliminating numerous constraints.

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Smaller costs. Bigger bottom line.

Order no more, no less. Every day, Alfred learns more about your business and your clientele's habits and manages your inventory accordingly. It can also track prices and prepare your orders so you get more for your money.

Full control. Now with the full picture.

Alfred brings you all your data on a silver platter. Everything that goes in or out is duly noted so you know what you have in real-time, at all times.

Alfred makes it easier for its real-life colleagues and bosses.

Keep track of all your team's day-to-day operations in just a few minutes, and make their life way easier so they can focus on the guests.

What makes Alfred so unique
For hospitality experts,
by hospitality experts.
Led by experts who have managed prestigious establishments, the Alfred team is driven by an insatiable desire to strengthen operational control and improving the customer experience.
Alfred has been designed for the world's largest organizations, with the highest security standards. Our unique solution optimises every process to help you make the right decisions every day.
We've done it before,
and we'll do it again.
Alfred has maximized efficiency and simplified operation management for major restaurants, sports centres and hotel chains around the world. They all attest to one thing: Alfred gets the job done.
"Alfred is incredibly helpful. Thanks to its platform, I can monitor and control the management of my 8 establishments remotely. With its real-time data, such as sales information and variances, Alfred allows me to focus my efforts where there is true value added. This helps me make strategic decisions to optimize the performance of my establishments."
Stéphane Riopel
President of Chez Lionel & Iru Izakaya Restaurants Group
"Integrating Alfred's AI technology into our food and beverage operations propels us into a new era of service excellence and operational agility. We are dedicated to enhancing every customer's experience through innovative solutions. The ability to collect and analyze anonymous data provides us with a vital tool for future planning, allowing us to proactively address needs, strategize for upcoming events, and continually enhance our services. This partnership isn't just transforming our present; it is paving the way for a more intelligent, data-driven future in sports entertainment."
Casey Rodgers, CFO
of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Vinik Sports Group
"Before Alfred, managers weren't able to bring control and management information to the table. Now, I'm able to bring real numbers, and real data, to the table to support each of my recommendations and those of my peers. When you have a clear overview and everything is integrated, your decisions are no longer a chance you take: they're logical."
François Guay,
General Manager, Bell Centre
"The deployment of AI in beverage logistics by Alfred Technologies is a game-changer for us. It simplifies the management of complex operations and automates key tasks, which is revolutionary. We expect this technology to not only significantly boost efficiency but also enhance customer satisfaction. The automation of routine tasks allows our staff to focus on more critical aspects of service, further elevating the experience for every visitor at the Amalie Arena."
George Raub, General Manager
for Delaware North at the Amalie Arena
"The solution developed by Alfred Technologies, powered by artificial intelligence, helps us analyze trends and improve inventory management systems, enabling the hotel to offer the best products available on the market, increase the knowledge and training of our employees, and guarantee exceptional experiences for our customers."
Zsombor Mezey, Beverage Director
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
"As NCA F&B Leader Eastern Canada, it is essential for me to control and stay informed daily about the inventory statuses across my various outlets. Alfred, with its stock, audit, inventory status, and potential variance features, perfectly meets my needs. It provides true flexibility and agility in my management."
Thomas Wujek
North Central America F&B Leader Eastern Canada at Fairmont
does it all.
does it all
Receiving and Stocking.
Intelligent Invoice Recognition reads your invoices and updates your inventory the minute something comes in so you get the most precise data, without the risk of human error.
Inventory management
Follow all your cellar-related data in real-time with up-to-the-second information, and know where every item is.
Manage every POS based on consumption history, and allocate accordingly. Our Intelligent Beverage List also keeps track of market values and availability.
Operations Optimization
Facilitate daily operations for you and your teams and gain access to new, highly customized data to drive your decision-making.
Purchase planning
Make sure your most popular products are always on the shelves by having Alfred help you order them.
Restocking recommendations
Plan your orders based on your real needs. Alfred learns your consumer's habits and gives you recommendations on what to buy and when.

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