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A solution like Alfred works in large part because the team of experts behind it is committed to helping you optimize your operations and get the best possible return, both in human and financial terms.
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Our expertise

An artificial intelligence powered by human intelligence.

Our team is made up of experts with hands-on experience in renowned establishments, restaurants, and hotel chains around the world. They have in-depth knowledge of operational processes and know all about the pain points they can bring.
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What can Alfred help you with?

Daily Operations
Do your daily activities contribute to the smooth running of your operations?
Technologies & Analytical Data
Do you know about the main technological tools that allow you to better interpret your data?
Staff & Management Training
Do you provide a structured and stimulating environment that encourages key people to maintain your standards of excellence?
Finance & Administration
Are you getting the most out of every dollar you invest in your establishment?
Sommellerie & Strategies
Do you master all the nuances that make the difference in the renowned experience you offer your customers?
Growth, Optimization & Awards
Would you like to know the essential and distinctive elements required to obtain the recognition (e.g. Grand Award by Wine Spectator) that your establishment deserves?

Our Implementation Process

The first step is choosing Alfred.

Here are the other few painless steps after that.

Initial Needs Assessment
We sit down and chat about what you need Alfred to do for you based on your activity sector, size, and budget.
Operational Analysis Blueprint
We analyze various aspects of your operations to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall effectiveness by implementing Alfred.
Onsite Audit
We visit the establishment to collect relevant data and information related to the operational processes under observation.
Recommendations & Implementation Planning
We identify technological components required for implementation and plan the corporate systems integrations to ensure maximum value creation.
Implementation of the Solution & Staff training
We implement Alfred and start the configuration so you can start maximizing all the different positive aspects that Alfred can bring to your operations

Post-Implementation Process

Alfred quickly makes himself at home.

With Alfred, you are supported by a team of experts throughout the post-implementation process to ensure that the system is optimized for your reality and that you start seeing the benefits as soon as possible.