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Alfred is way more than just an inventory.

By choosing Alfred, you get a complete picture of your collection, updated in real-time, with every piece of information at your fingertips.

Dynamic Inventory
Whether you're taking a bottle for a night out with friends or adding a brand-new purchase, your virtual cellar will dynamically synchronize with your physical one.
Exclusive Database Access
Not sure what to buy? Access our rich database of millions of references to guide you in your decision-making process.
Optimal Tasting Range
Make the most of every piece in your collection with our OTR tool, which determines the best time to enjoy a product.
Virtual Cellar Localisation
No need to rummage through every shelf: Alfred draws a virtual version of your cellar and can locate the bottle you're looking for in a matter of seconds.
Alfred's Exclusive Marketplace (Restricted to certain locations)
Sell items at their daily market value directly to private buyers on our exclusive online marketplace.
Place du marché

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(Save up to 5% with yearly billing)

Ideal for a collection of less than 500 products in an unstructured location.

Full access to the Alfred Private Collectors app to manage your collection on all your devices;

Unlimited access to our specialized database of over 1 million references;

Market values (MV) of all your products;

Optimal tasting ranges (OTR) powered by artificial intelligence;

Continuously updated inventory and total value of your collection;

A detailed statistical portrait of your collection - breakdown by country, product type, grape variety, color, vintage, etc;

A weekly newsletter of new arrivals on the marketplace (;

(Save up to 5% with yearly billing)

Ideal for a collection of 500 to 2000 products at a single address.

All the advantages of the Aficionados membership plan;

Includes initial cellar structure of all storage locations (any subsequent modifications are subject to additional charges);

Exclusive personalized offers and primeurs (24 hours earlier);

Includes the ability to offer products for sale on the marketplace;

Includes one (1) annual inventory report (uncertified) for insurance purposes (upon request).

upon request

Ideal for a collection of over 2 000 products at an unlimited number of different addresses.

All the advantages of the Connoisseurs membership plan;

Priority in the availability of Alfred's expert services;

Access to a remote & personalized Alfred butler service;

Periodic strategic monitoring of your collection to avoid product losses;

One (1) certified annual inventory report at fair market value for insurance purposes (upon request).

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