Optimize Beverage Management: Alfred Technologies' AI Implementation in Sports Venue Operations

Alfred, powered by AI, simplifies the inventory management of wines and spirits for all types of establishments

Beverage sales in the hospitality industry have profit margins in excess of 50%, making them a priority area for precise management. Artificial intelligence is beginning to take off, but its impact will be felt in the operations of sports venues. It is in this area that Alfred Technologies, which originally specialised in wine list management for major hotels, is making its entry into the sports sector.

Alfred uses the data to organise and verify the information. The AI can automatically warn operators of any anomalies, without waiting for manual monthly inventories.

Revolutionising venue operations: Alfred's technology improves efficiency at Amalie Arena

The Amalie Arena began to benefit from Alfred's technology, increasing staff efficiency. This innovation uses computer vision to simplify stock management by analysing photos, which has been well received. Rodgers says his team has already seen a significant improvement with the solution, which reduces paperwork and speeds up processes. Alfred Technologies, initially involved in wine management for the SAQ, has extended its expertise to support a variety of sectors, including private collectors and major hotel brands.

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