Auberge Saint-Antoine, Quebec City

A work collaboration that ages like fine wine.

A fine dining experience, mixed with a fine sleeping experience

Located in Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Auberge Saint-Antoine is what you might call a Hotel-Musée: You get one of the best hospitality experiences in Quebec City and one of its best restaurants, all in an atmosphere reminiscent of old Europe.


They needed someone who speaks "sommelier"

L'auberge Saint-Antoine has known Alfred since the very beginning, even before the complete, tailor-made solution we offer today. That's why they turned to us again to solve their new challenges.

The old version of Alfred was very wine-focused and was therefore mainly used by sommeliers. However, this was at the expense of an accurate overview for the establishment's managers. Sommeliers could buy whatever they wanted, which blurred inventory management and made it impossible to know the true value of the wine cellar.

We therefore worked with all stakeholders to develop a solution that would fit in with the reality of such an establishment.

Auberge Saint-Antoine, Québec, Canada - My Boutique hotel

Turns out you CAN put new wine into an old bottle

The solution we have developed has enabled us to update the previous system in favor of a new, more comprehensive platform that makes life easier for sommeliers and managers alike. Entries and exits are automatically noted, and the value of wines in the cellar is constantly updated according to market prices. A process that has facilitated day-to-day processes for all parties, and strengthened trust between management and front-of-house staff.

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does it all.

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