Fairmount Queen Elizabeth, Montreal

When human intelligence works hand in hand with artificial intelligence, there are no limits.

Long live the Queen

As one of Montreal's most luxurious and iconic hotels, the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth is an iconic gateway to the city, located in the heart of downtown, with an important history in the heart of Quebec's metropolis.

Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth - Hôtel de luxe à Montréal (Canada)

Alfred turned something great into something greater

Inventory management in the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth's main warehouse was already exemplary. Up-to-date data, with inputs and outputs always clearly identified. Where it got complicated, however, was once the inventory left the warehouse for one of the establishment's locations. Once the item was out the door, it was difficult to keep track of inventories in real-time and to maintain a 360° view of all inventory within the hotel.
They were also curious to find new ways to enhance efficiency, from their daily tasks to their stocking.

Rosélys: la gastronomie du Fairmont Reine Elizabeth - Tastet

It wasn't broken, but it could still be fixed

By working in collaboration with their team, we were able to implement Alfred's AI solution throughout the process of receiving inventory and distribution, through to invoice reading and automated withdrawals, all managed entirely on a master dashboard. They now have a complete view, at all times, of inventory throughout their facility.

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does it all.

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