Château Frontenac, Quebec City

One of Quebec's most historic flagships also became our historic flagship.

There's no age to be a visionary

Chateau Frontenac is one of the oldest Railways Hotel in Canada. And even though it was built in 1893, it was one of the first establishments to entrust Alfred and a then-very-young AI technology to manage its beverages inventory.

L'histoire du château de Frontenac l Canada l Les Trésors d'érable

No tech? No problem

Even before Alfred was created, we knew that artificial intelligence had the potential to completely revolutionize the way hospitality establishments manage their inventories. But to design a product that would meet the demands of this type of establishment, we needed a partner who was as far-sighted as we were, and who saw the flaws that traditional systems could bring: meticulous and time-consuming inventory tracking, lot of management, loads of daily operations, as well as a laborious onboarding process that left little room for error.

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Alfred, at your service

For several months, we worked in collaboration with the accounting firm Mallette and carried out audits to extract as much data as possible on sales, processes, consumer habits, etc... From the data obtained, we trained and designed an artificial intelligence tool that maximized ROI. We then made sure to simplify its use as much as possible so that the necessary Chateau Frontenac employees could use it. To bring added value to the establishment, the tool first had to bring added value to the staff.

Alfred's first story became a success story

In the first year, Alfred helped Chateau Frontenac improve inventory management processes, maximize return on investment, improve the customer experience (reducing the time it takes to retrieve a bottle from the cellar), and generate significant savings lowering the total beverage cost by 2%.

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